Political party App

Political party app features 

The political party NET-APP will make connection between members and the party easier and instantly.

Members will be able to stay connected to their party wherever they live in the world  and communicate together though the party own social media network.

The app itself will help the party increase branding and attract new members to the party.

It will allow the management of the millions members of the party and able the party to make decision that will influence their members as well as allow members to connect with each other.

The party will be able to follow members behaviors and prevent them from leaving the party by giving them a platform to post attractive contents suitable to the like of each other.

Poll and voting app to compile real data information  about members before making national decision or set new policies.

The Package:

1. A physical hardware server and softwares installed, an owned branded  app completely independent from any other company with its own IP address, and a self hosted native app independent from the Apple app Store and the Android app store.

  1. Fundraising capability and memberships management  and will increase memberships and affiliation to the political party.

3. A branded online market where members can buy and  sell their products or services to members or/and to the general public.

4. A social App where members can connect with each other, share medias, opinions, play games, and date like minded members.

5. A paid or free event app where members can host events and sell their performance to others or entertain others for a fee or free.

6. Ability to make money through advertising

7. Ability to make money through the e-commerce market.

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